Richard DeVaul Discusses The Ins And Outs Of Innovation

In an article entitled “Want Innovation? Forget Invention, Learn To Execute”, Richard DeVaul explains Overvaluing invention and undervaluing execution leads to poor resource allocation and underperformance in most innovation-focused organizations. High-impact innovation comes from putting the pieces together well — design — and delivering a great product — execution.

Richard DeVaul is one of the world’s top innovation strategists, and he boasts of having an industrious career that has involved working with some of the best tech companies on the planet. Besides working with big companies, he also enjoys sharing his knowledge on innovation with emerging entrepreneurs to help them launch promising companies and reach success.

He is the co-founder of Kei Ventures and its Head of Venture Production. DeVaul has spent most of his career helping other business leaders and professionals understand innovation culture and leadership as an executive innovation consultant. In a recent interview, the research scientist went on to discuss offensive vs. defensive innovation drivers.

Diversity is critical for innovation

According to this world celebrated innovation strategist, one of the most essential components of innovation is diversity. This is why for a business to be in the best place to innovate, it has to take time to build a team of staff from diverse backgrounds. This should include professionals from different age groups and cultural backgrounds. Additionally, the employees should have different levels of professional experience in different industries. Richard DeVaul said that this would mean that the staff can approach innovation from different angles and combine their inputs to develop breakthrough innovations. Click here for more information.

The case of Tacos Al Pastor

Richard DeVaul said that one of the best examples of how influential diversity can be to innovations is the case of tacos al pastor. This tacos variant is very popular in the US today and is primarily associated with Mexicans but its origins are more complicated. Although it’s true that the current tacos al pastor originated in Mexico, the dish was inspired by borrowing some traditional cuisines from Lebanese immigrants in the late 19th century. The Mexicans refined these traditional Lebanese cuisines to fit their tastes, and that’s how tacos al pastor came to be.

About Richard DeVaul

DeVaul is an iconic innovation speicalist, who attended MIT, where he graduated with a Master of Science and a Ph.D. He was also part of the institutions’ Media Lab, where he sharpened his tech expertise. Richard DeVaul enjoys innovating during his free time and has filed over 70 patents over the years. He previously worked for Google X and is also an entrepreneur, and he co-founded Kei Ventures.


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