Robert Bull’s Customer Centric Strategy Yields Success for RoyaleLife.

Over the years, RoyaleLife has thrived primarily under the strategic leadership of the avid Chief Executive Officer Robert Bull. Being at the helm of one of the leading property developing companies in the UK, Bull task is identifying unique market gaps and viable investments opportunities with quantified risks and potential to generate high returns, a role he has fulfilled with utmost competence. However, just like every other individual, Robert Bull has had to face challenges head-on as a way to seed coveted success in his career. Having admitted to being short of knowledge and prior expertise in commercial agreements, he committed to personal development. He sought to partner and learned the tactics used by accountants and lawyers to help him navigate through impediments.

As the CEO, Robert Bull comprehends that the company has to give its clients value for their money to make profits. Having studied the market trend in the housing sector, Bull strategically positioned RoyaleLife to tap into the unique opportunity to develop bungalows. The idea aimed to provide affordable and high standards living spaces for prospective retirees, specifically those above the age of 45 and individuals searching for ideal solutions to downsize in the UK.

Robert Bull and the team initiated the Home Part Exchange program, which allows buyers to purchase bungalows in exchange for the current market value of their homes. Under the programme, the buyer gets to retain the remaining amount after finalizing the sale. For example, if the home is worth £750,000 and the fully furnished bungalow goes for £570,000, the remaining £180,000 is credited to the buyer’s account. In addition, the bungalows are developed in a secure, serene environment and provide adequate amenities. Philanthropically, Robert Bull was responsible for Rutland’s area bungalows restoration that housed the NHS team during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under Bull, RoyaleLife has grown sustainably to become the number one bungalow living solution provider in the UK.

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