Ryan Kavanaugh, The Entrepreneur With Outstanding Passion For Sports And Film Arena

Ryan Kavanaugh is a talented venture capitalist with a proven history of success. Ryan inherited his entrepreneurial spirit and skills from his parents, with his mother being a real estate broker and his father being a dentist turned entrepreneur. At the age of 46 years, Ryan has attained outstanding feats in film/TV production, application development, venture capitalism, and promotional events, among other ventures.

Ryan Kavanaugh graduated from UCLA in Los Angeles before starting a small venture capital company that garnered the support of some top Hollywood celebrities, including Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Fox, and Brian Grazer. From there, Ryan Kavanaugh joined hands with a friend to found Precash, which they duo later redesigned and thus gave it a new name, Noventus, when he foretold in real-time that money would later become obsolete because many entrepreneurs started businesses that depended on digital currency, which was unimaginable. A few years later, Mr. Kavanaugh also was among the first people to invest in ZetaRx, a startup, which his father founded. The firm focused on creating new therapies to treat specific cancer types and other diseases by using genetically engineered lymphocytes.

After storming the venture capital arena, Ryan Kavanaugh shifted his focus to sports and the film industry starting with Hollywood. Ryan also participated in the creation of Independent Sports & Entertainment, which later became one of the top sports agencies not just in the United States, but also internationally. ISE champions for many high-end sportsmen and women drawn from basketball, athletics, baseball, and football and has approximately $2.5 billion in contracts. From the early 90s, Ryan Kavanaugh has also built a name for himself at Hollywood. In fact, Ryan is the first Hollywood star to try a Moneyball approach in film financing. Ryan used the model to implement a high-end deal with Marvel Studios that later elicited much talk among Hollywood fans.

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