Successful Entrepreneurial Tips from Hughes Marino Founder, Jason Hughes

Since 2011, Hughes Marino has maintained a roster of more than 1,600 exclusive representation relationships. Hughes Marino operates on a completely integrated basis, which includes its industry-leading tenant representation practices, its lengthy and extensive list of capital markets relationships, and an acquisition and development platform (LinkedIn). 


Jason Hughes has experience of over 25 years in handling the best of the best in the commercial lease accounting industry. His firm, Hughes Marino, is recognized as the premier industrial landlord of choice in Downtown San Diego. The CEO attributes his success in commercial realty to a couple of key principles. First, Jason believes that effective representation must focus on the “agenda” of a particular client. Jason Hughes and his team use the following three primary tools to win in client representation: 


  • Find their target tenants. In the top office markets of Southern California, owners lease space to the highest bidders in a supply-constrained marketplace. As a result, the negotiation process is often adversarial. In this type of negotiation, a leasing agent must be able to find their client’s target tenants and negotiate the best possible terms with them. 


  • Identify their market. Jason Hughes states that although in many cases, a particular company may operate across multiple markets, a successful negotiation often starts with identifying its ideal tenant.

“Most commercial lease accounting agents focus on delivering transactional services to their clients,” says Jason Hughes. “The tasks of finding the right location, getting a tenant or tenant interest, underwriting the economics of the lease, conducting a lease negotiation, and having the deal go through escrow are the obvious tasks. But to be a successful professional commercial lease accounting agent, it is important to ask the right questions and figure out what the buyer wants. Jason Hughes says that if you talk to someone who has worked with Hughes for a long time, they’ll tell you about the different dimensions that are combined in the firm. They believe that to succeed in anything in life, you have to be a critical thinker and creative problem solver.