The Power of Posigen

Trying to make solar power easy and affordable for everyone is a company called Posigen. Posigens’s mission is to have affordable solar power for all families across the world. Whether you are a low-income home or a moderate-income home Posigen is here for you. They are striving every day to ensure you save as much money as possible. They have put a leasing program set in place that allows you to save money on your products as well as your utility bill. 


After the disasters of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the founder of Posigen realized the need and want of people wanting to upgrade their homes. The only problem was most of these people were low to moderate-income and could not afford the solar power upgrade. Noticing the need they decided to develop a solar panel that can be affordable to anyone. While developing this system to save households money they also have created much more. 


They have created more jobs for the local community and any other company. They are also an equal opportunity company. more than 65% of the company are women or are people of color. With the PosiGen company there to save you money on your utility bill, they are also there to put money into your pockets with great jobs. This is a locally operated company focused on one thing, customers.