Tim Murawski Steers the Invention of Xvision System, A Breakthrough in Medical Surgeries and Procedures

Augmedics is one company in the medical field that has committed to making major technological improvements to the arena. It has been established that the imminent surgery with Augmedics seems to be bright. The company that is based in Chicago is committed to enhancing healthcare by augmenting surgery. Tim Murawski explains that they achieve this by using cutting-edge technologies that have been developed to solve unmet clinical requirements and at the same time instill the confidence of technology in the workflow of surgery. 


One of the pioneering augmented technologies is the xvision system. The xvision system is the first-ever augmented technology to be used in surgery. The technology allows the surgeons to have access to the patients’ anatomy through tissue and skin as if in the traditional x-ray vision. As Tim Murawski points out, this allows the surgeons to accurately navigate implants and instruments during the surgeries. The first-ever augmented technology has been made possible by the admirable leadership of Tim Murawski, the Chief Commercial Officer and President of the Chicago-based company, Augmedics.


Tim Murawski has been for the longest time a business leader and a renowned expert in biotechnology Before joining the prestigious Augmedics in the year 2019, he was privileged to serve in numerous leadership positions for a myriad of device companies. For close to a decade, he worked with Mazor Robotics in progressively complex roles for the medical device organization based in Caesarea in Israel. At the medical device company, Tim Murawski first worked as a regional sales director. He was later appointed to the position of regional account manager and later in the year 2016 as the vice president of U.S accounts.

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