Wes Edens is a renowned businessman that has ventured into several businesses, including mainstream sports like the NBA. The Bucks, an NBA franchise team acquired in 2014 by the fortress investment group, has grown steadily on and off the court. With expansions such as building an indoor arena in downtown Milwaukee, the group is investing in rapidly growing sport.


Cloud9 challenger is a co-squad of cloud9 qualified for the North America championship series. However, it failed to qualify for the championships because regulations do not allow ownership of different teams by an organization. Therefore, it was sold off and renamed the Flyquest.


The Acquisition


The fortress investment group, owned by Wes Edens, has also ventured into the e-sport with the acquisition of Flyquest, a league of legends all-star team from cloud9 in December 2014 at a fee of 2.5million dollars. Wes Edens and Marc Lasry put Flyquest under the stewardship of Wes Eden’s son Ryan and Sarah Watterson, who manage the outfit.


With investment into the e-sport market by other NBA franchise teams, research is indicative of an increase of revenues by 51.7% to 493 million dollars and a viewership of 300 million. This increment has set the stage for more future investments into the e-sport sector by Wesley Edens.


Future Ventures

Flyquest intends to be a market leader in the e-sport industry by increasing performance and competition. Along with Sarah Watterson, Ryan Wesley will tap into the vast experience and networks of Wes Edens to bring in sponsors and actively engage fans. Such a move will ensure progressive growth due to increased revenue generated and competition. The arena built by the Bucks is also scheduled to hold major e-sport events after deviation from the norm of using personal computers to mobile phones. This new technological shift guarantees a steady generation of more income and publicity.