Why Greg Blatt Referred to Himself as A Person with A Wandering Spirit

When Greg Blatt was asked for assertive advice on leadership that he would give the CEOs, he depicted that the maximum capacity workload of a CEO can only be made easy by scheduling their day paying attention to the minor details. He advises that CEOs should refrain from overscheduling as it obstructs critical and creative thinking. Greg depicts that for him to strike a balance between reactively and proactively working, he often leaves a significant amount of time in his day unscheduled and open. Though planning ahead is crucial for success, reserving a substantial amount of time for unforeseeable necessities is also essential.

Greg Blatt depicts that CEOs should also assemble the right team that is geared towards the company goals and ensures that they are all working towards the right direction. He asserts that empowering employees and encouraging them to bring your ideas to life is also very essential in the life of a CEO. Greg also emphasizes the issue of inquisitiveness. During his law school days, Greg depicts that he learned to ask a crucial question, “why?”. He depicts that business people should always have a true dialogue before executing any strategy or idea as this is what spurs invention.

Greg Blatt’s expansive career spans for ten years at the AIC group of companies. Before he joined the renowned AIC, Greg was the Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Business Affairs, and Secretary of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia where he was tasked with overseeing the company’s transactional and legal activities. Greg was once an associate at Grubman Indursky & Schindler and Wachtell, Rosen & Katz, Lipton, and two law firms in New York. Greg Blatt also has an expansive education background as he holds a degree in B.A. from the prestigious Colgate University. He also holds a J.D from the famous Columbia Law School.

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