ZeroAvia Becomes The First Company To Fly Carbon-Free Plane

The past ten years has seen the rise in the number of carbon-free cars plying on major highways in the world. With many companies manufacturing such cars increasing, other industries have started to emulate the design. But even before other industries began to adapt the design, car drivers have praised the ingenious design saying that apart from the system being environmentally friendly, they are enjoying the ride each day. Speaking of other industries, ZeroAvia has become the first industry outside the car industry to give zero carbon a test.


With superior energy, hydrogen fuel cell gas has proved to be the best option for high-power engines, which otherwise use a lot of fuel and emit a lot of carbon to the surrounding environment. In a bid to compete with the rest of the world, Airbus firm recently announced that it will design 3 aircrafts that will solely depend on hydrogen to run. Although the announcement from ZeroAvia aviation company seems pure and genuine, it will only materialize at the end of 2035. The aircrafts that will be manufactured will be allowed to carry over 200 passengers, thus a commercial aircraft. 


ZeroAvia wins the Business Green Leader Award


“By shifting to hydrogen use, we are not changing physics laws. We are simply doing what we were supposed to do many years ago,” said Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury. The Chief Executive Officer added that while many people think that hydrogen has the potential to run big engines, hydrogen is actually 3x more powerful than kerosine (Electrek). 

The CEO further mentioned that hydrogen was meant to help aircrafts run their businesses, arguing that, “hydrogen was truly meant for the aviation industry.” Even as Airbus plans to unleash their bombshell in 2035, smaller companies are showing substantive strides. One such company is ZeroAvia, which in September shocked the world when it flew its first hydrogen-powered passenger plane. The British-American company has further indicated that soon, it will produce even more planes.